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You can find what I consider to be my 8 most relevant publications below. Fore a more complete publication list you can also visit my Google Scholar page

Selected publications

Chor, Tomas, James McWilliams, and Marcelo Chamecki. 2021. On modifications to the K-Profile Parameterization for wave effects.” Journal of Physical Oceanography.

Chor, Tomas, James C. McWilliams, and Marcelo Chamecki. 2020. Diffusive–Nondiffusive Flux Decompositions in Atmospheric Boundary Layers.” Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 77 (10): 3479–94.

Chamecki, Marcelo, Tomas Chor, Di Yang, and Charles Meneveau. 2019. “Material Transport in the Ocean Mixed Layer: Recent Developments Enabled by Large Eddy Simulations.” Reviews of Geophysics.

Dias-Júnior, Cléo Quaresma,..., Tomas Chor, and Antonio Manzi. 2019. “Is There a Classical Inertial Sublayer over the Amazon Forest?” Geophysical Research Letters 46 (10): 5614–22.

Chor, Tomas, Ailín Ruiz de Zárate, and Nelson L. Dias. 2019. A generalized series solution for the Boussinesq equation with constant boundary conditions.” Water Resources Research 55 (4): 3567–75.

Chor, Tomas, Di Yang, Charles Meneveau, and Marcelo Chamecki. 2018. “A Turbulence Velocity Scale for Predicting the Fate of Buoyant Materials in the Oceanic Mixed Layer.” Geophysical Research Letters 45 (21): 11, 817–11, 826.

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