Overview: I have started my career doing theoretical and field work in my Undergrad and Master’s education, and progresssed torwards numerical research in my PhD. I’ve worked on Hydrology, Atmospheric turbulence (boundary layer meteorology) and Oceanic flows (submesoscale phenomena and boundary layer processes).

Submesoscale instabilities in the ocean bottom boundary layer

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Vertical mixing of materials in the upper ocean

GRL paper

I’ve been using Large eddy simulations to explore small scale turbulence in the Oceanic mixed layer. Focus is given to the transport of passive scalars (such as oil, microplastic and nutrients) and parameterizations that help us predict such transport.

Some relevant publications can be found here, here and here.

Turbulent fluxes or greenhouse gases over grasslands, lakes and forests

I have made several field trips to install micrometeorological stations to measure things like wind speed, temperature and humidity at high frequencies (at least 10 Hz). I then processed the data to gain insight on turbulent fluxes in diverse locations. Scroll below to see some pictures with their respective locations.

Some relevant publications can be found here and here.

Groundwater transport in porous aquifers

In this project (which I pursued as my Masters project) I aimed to take a theoretical approach and obtain analytical solutions for the Boussinesq equation, which model the movement of water in a homogeneous aquifer. We ended up publishing a few new exact solution for the case when the boundary conditions are constant in time.

Some relevant publications can be found here and here.